Sell JOMAZYM - Liquid enzymatic cleaner for the food industries

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- JOMAZYM is an extremely versatile and very effective cleaner with low pH (less than 8.0) and a high biodegradability.
- To use in many applications.
- Is an anti-static and alkaline product on base of water and supported by enzymes for an excellent after-action in grease-pits and outlet-pipes.
- Cleans and degreases deeper and faster, this gives an economy of time till 60 %.
- Safe for all washable surfaces.
- Removes effortless all dirt from each surface.
- Removes unpleasant smells by its constant after-action. ( decomposition of organic waste. )
- Completely safe for skin and clothing.
- Biodegradable, incombustible, non volatile, non toxique.
- Strongly concentrated , therefore very economic in use.


- Is a strongly concentrated product for cleaning all washable surfaces.
- Acts anti-static and gives an in deep action on the pollution.


Use in nebulizer or diffuser under low pressure.
- Dilute the product with hot water (max 450C) .
- Nebulize the surface to clean equable from bottom to top.
- Let act for a while but dont let dry up.
- Remove the dirt manual with a well absorbing cloth or treat mechanically.
- If necessary rinse with water or hose.
- Dry if necessary ( e. g. inox surfaces in industrial kitchens ) .

Use in high pressure cleaner. .
- Put the chemicals suction tube of the high pressure cleaner till the bottom in the can.
- Adjust the dilution according to the pollution.
- Nebulize under low pressure from bottom to top.
- Let act for a while but dont let dry up.
- If necessary loosen the static dirt with a brush or sponge.
- Rinse of with high pressure (caution for damage by too high pressure) .

Use with bucket and sponge.

- Fill the bucket with hot water (+/- 600C) .
- Add JOMAZYM (3 to 9 cl per 10 litre water) .
- Put the parts you want to clean in the fluid and let the product act for a while (e. g. filters, knifes and other small kitchen materials etc. )
- If necessary treat with a brush or sponge.
- If necessary dry with tissue or dry with pressured air for a good bacteriological result.

Caution Always take first water and then add the product.
E. g. : 10% = 10% product + 90% water.
A dilution higher then 20% will not give necessarily better results in most cases. However, after rinsing, repeating the procedure will give better results.


Cleaning of heavily polluted surfaces as frying pans , baking ovens
Chicken spits, cookers, BBQ etc. 20%

Cleaning of walls, kitchens, worktables, bathroom equipment and garden furniture 10%

Cleaning of light polluted surfaces : ceramic floors, natural stone,
Cement tiles etc. 3  5%

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