JQG SERIES WALKING TYPE BRIDGE MACHINE You May Also Be Interested In: beam carrier girder carrier main bearing truss
The main bearing force mechanisms of JQG series double guide beam bridge machine are triangle truss, It is used for spanning simply supported beam of which span is less than 50M, it is also used to span straight bridge, skew bridge and curved bridge. It could traverse once for all with edge beam to achieve whole section mechanized shifting and lowering beams. FEATURES
The main mechanisms of JQG series double guide beam bridge machine are triangle truss, assembling type vertical guide girder, horizontal guide girder and self-propelled trolley, girder carrier and outrigger, ect. Component relationship adopts axis pair connection which has some features of easy dismounting and transportation, compared to similar products, convenient installation, economical and practical, It is specially used in fluid engineering department.
RATED elevating capacity 100 140 160 180
SPAN DISTANCE(M) 30 40 45 50
BRIDGE STYLE T type, I type, box type
longitudinal gradient (%) <3
Skew Bridge Intersection Angle (0) 45
Crane carriage transverse moving speed (m/min) 1.8-2.5
Crane carriage surging moving speed(m/min) 4 3.7 3.2 3
Lifting beam lifting speed(m/min) 0.9-1 0.9-1 0.8-0.9 0.8-0.9
Whole crane transverse moving speed(m/min) 2.5 2.5 2 2
Main beam surging moving speed(m/min) 3 2.8 2.5 2
Building curve mini radii(m) 280 300 300 500
Experiment load moving elevating capacity(t) 125 175 200 225
Experiment load stay elevating capacity(t) 110 154 176 198
Via Patterns Walking way
Beam feed-in Patterns END BEAM CARRIER FEED
Main power (kw) 81.2 115.2 127.6 139.8
Weight (t) ≈108 ≈152 ≈176 ≈200