Sell JSA-101 (Flexible Polymer-cement Waterproof Coating)

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JSA-101 is a two components water-based waterproof coating. Component A is consisted of high quality modified acrylic emulsion and various additives. Component B is consisted of iron-rich containing and high-alumina cement. It has the outstanding acrylic ester polymer emulsion-based performance and forms membranes with high elongation rate (above 200%) , weather resistance for non-permanent immersion environment.

Where to use
 Bathroom, kitchen, floors and balcony;
 Waterproof layers;
 Waterproof constructions under non-permanent immersion environment.

 Water-based environmental-friendly coatings;
 High tensile strength with water resistance and weather resistance;
 Can be applied on wet substrates with tight bonding;
 Cold and convenient to apply;
 Waterproofing functions with impermeableness and moisture proofing.