Sell JVC GY-HD100 v-mount adapter

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Input: 11-17V DC
Adapter out: 7.2 DC 20W
Power light out: 14V DC 50W
*For fitting mount adapter onto your JVC GY-HD100/101, is in the same way as a JVC 428 battery mounting directly to camcorder mount
plate. When a broadcast series 14.8V li-ion battery connect to the mount adapter, it makes broadcast high capacity li-ion battery and JVC GY-D100, GY-HD101 camcorder are in integrated.
*The mount adapter will convert the power from 14.8V to 7.2V, and built-in over current and over voltage protection circuits.
*Power tap connector built-in with 14.8V output on mount adapter that can power camera light and other external device at 14.8V directly
*Utilizing the two round screw holes on the edge of mount adapter, an external brackets of a wireless receiver or a hard disk recorder can be connected with the device.