Sell JW3105 Visual Fault Locator

JW3105 Visual Fault Locator You May Also Be Interested In: 650nm laser fiber pigtails visual fault locator
JW3105 Visual Fault Finder is a 650nm Laser Source with an output power of 1mW used in SM or MM fiber. Two AAA batteries support JW3105 work continually up to 30 hours. Joinwit employs her specific design for JW3105 output port that makes output adapter truly universal compared to other products, JW3105 has an FC adapter but it is very friendly to SC and ST connection without needing any other type of adapters.
JW3105 is an ideal instrument for patchcord broken or bending, especially for fiber identification in ribbon or bunched optic fiber pigtails installation, in which identifying fiber from end to end may be troublesome or time-consuming.