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1. This Weaving Loom adopts new electronic jacquard and computerized embroidery programming system which is intuitive, shortcut and easy to operate.
2. Electromagnetic value and its drive boards are in separated, which is easy to maintenance. The Electromag netic value mold group is sealed with composite materials and only needs small amout of energy, and does not require maintenance. To achieve the high speed running necessary for manufacturing, two steel bead bearings share the load. Fast connector is used between the bearing and jacquard rope group, as contributes to easy dismantlement.
3. Head transmission belt and bearing are imported from Italy and Japan. And the jacquard rope and palm fibre rubber are originally from Swiss and the quality is guaranteed. The reasonable and pricise transmission design ensures high speed running of machine.
4. The opening of machine body shedding frame works with head and there are three types of head openings with various width to suit weaving requirements. The design is precise. and commissioning becomes simple and easy.
5. Electromagnetic valve lifting tool and transmission belt adopt double external mode. the belt are connected in bevel pressing mode, which does not damage the belt and makes more resonable structure.
automatic lubricating device. The maintenace is easy and no noise is generated.
6. Weft yarn is coneyed with belt. Its yarn feeding speed becomes morn stable and the fabric has better quality.
7. Double speed motor control makes commissioning and operation
Model Number
SJFAVM 4/65/384
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