Sell Jacquard Spandex

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N21% OP3% T 48% R24% CD4%

58"/60" Weight:265 g/sm 363 g/y

Warp Spandex
Following are the main products of our company. Hope it will let you have a better understanding about the products
A. Plaid Product
B. Jacquard Products

1. Brushed twill fabric
1. P/D Jacquard fabric

2. Crepe fabric

2. Y/D Jacquard fabric

3. Dobby fabric

3. Indigo dyed jacquard fabric

4. Fancy items

4. Y/D brushed bulky acrylic jacquard fabric

5. Heavy chambray fabric
5. Bengaline jacquard fabric

6. Indigo chambray fabric
6. Blended or crossed weave fabric

7. Oxford fabric

7. Furniture fabric

8. P/D popline fabric

9. Seersucker fabric

10. Y/D Gingham popline fabric