Sell Jaggery (GUR)

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We offer the best quality of Jaggery (Gur) made from pure sugar cane juice and no any chemicals are added to it, it's natural and pure.


Jaggery : Solid form in small blocks brown colour (In India known as : Desi Gur)
Jaggery : Powder form brown colour (In India known as : Desi Sakkar)
Unrefined Sugar : Powder form white colour (In India known as : Bura OR Khand)
Origin : Western U. P INDIA. (World Famous for Gur / Sakkar / Bura)

At present jaggery being produced in India has no set of any standards and at the time of manufacturing, no chemicals are added, it is pure natural.

Rohan agrico prepare jaggery under most hygienically environment and scientifically packed with no added chemicals, colours, additives and flavours. Jaggery is made from fresh sugar cane juice. It is a natural sweeter and contains glucose minerals, calcium, vitamins, iron, phosphorous, protein, copper and many more.

Jaggery is a traditional accompaniment of Indian meals. It is also used for preparation of various sweet dishes ( instead of sugar) . Medicinal importance of jaggery is very tremendous. Ayurved has suggested jaggery as a daily health nutrition value, suppliments food and medicinal use of jaggery to purify the blood, protective agent for lung from air pollution, regulates liver function and keeps the body healthy and strong of all ages.
In western U. P. Jaggery Gur and sakkar and bura is used for sweeting Milk, and preparing Tea and making sweets. Bura is served with Rice for sweet dish.

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