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Jaljira, which originated from the banks of Ganga, has changed a lot with time. In the olden days Jaljira was prepared by grinding all the ingredients on "silla-batti" (stone slabs) and it was then kept in "Matkas" (clay-pots) . It is not only used as a tasty appetizer drink but is also used as a multipurpose tastemaker. The ingredients used for making this tasty formulation are Common salt, Cumin, Black Salt, Ginger, Mint, Pepper, Citric & Red Chilli. At any Indian feast, Jaljira is a favourite welcome drink, and a natural choice after meals. A lively mix of spices and condiments impart a tangy, sizzling character when mixed with plain water. It is an ideal appetizer and a great digestive after a heavy eating bout. Jaljira tastes best, chilled. Try with regular soft drinks. It truly perks them up.
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Ashapurna Spices
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