Sell Japan Origin Luxurious Toiletary Soaps

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Japan Origin Luxurious Toiletary Soaps
Purely natural processed gorgeous soaps provided with herbal extracts and fabulous natural fragrances, but without containing any tar pigments, artificial perfumeries or any irritating chemical agents, to result in very soft and mild cleansing skin care.
It is particularly recommended to use those Luxurious soaps not only for enjoyable household life but also for enhancing aide to several professions including high ranked hotels or restaurants. There are the ranges of Fantasy Soaps and Herbal Extract Soaps.
Fantasy Soaps are prepared in kinds of
Tropical Soap with Fruity Aroma,
Forestry Soap with Cedar Tree Aroma,
Blueberry-Soap with Avogado Oil,
Rose-Mint Soap with Rose Oil,
Herbal Extract Soap are also prepared in kinds of
Chamomile Soap,
Lavender Soap.
Min Soap,
Rosemary Soap,
Sage Soap.
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