Sell Japanese eel - Unagi

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Seller:  JAPANESE EEL - ( Unagi )  GLASS EEL
/ Live baby, eel elver

-Glass eel, Eel Elver. -( Anguilla Japonica / Marmorata )

-Source: Northern Philippines, near southern Taiwan

-Packaging: Chilled oxygenated double layer polythene plastic in sealed styrofoam
-Availability: Glass EEL - October to March
-Supply ability: 300 kilograms a week
-Price: Negotiable

-We guarantee to sell and export high quality and natural live glass eels from the Northern Luzon, Philippines. We have a Nursery and expertise packaging of live glass eels / eel elver for shipment
-Glass eel/ eel elver could be inspected before consummating sales.
-Live glass eels Sample can be provided as per arrangement with a cost fee

We Exported Glass eel to Japan and Taiwan
Supply Capacity
1,000 kilogram/ month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity
5 kilograms
Terms of Payment
L/C, T/T
Terms of Sale