Sell Jasmine Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types
1, Psychology: Appease nerve, warm up the emotion, refreshing, anti-depression, self-efficacy belief, aphrodisiac.
2, Physical: Ease labour pain, improve melancholia and aging skin; accelerate the exudation of mammary glands.
3, Skin: Control dry and allergic skin. , improve melancholia and aging skin; enhance the skin elasticity, whitening grain.

1, Skin: Apply 2 droplets into lotion, massage on face and body for anti-aging.
2, Physical: Apply 4 droplets into warm water, hot pack on venter for 3-5mins to soothe dysmenorrhosea.
3, Home-use:Spray mixed with warm water and oils for 2-3 droplets, use in cars or office for a better environment.