Sell Jasmine Tea - Jasmine Snow White Pearls

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Jasmine Tea. Not only have we kept up our fanatically high standards for the great jasmine tea you've come to know and love, this year's "pearls" have been individually wrapped in cotton paper to protect against unwanted moisture since early spring. The tea has also been enhanced with more tips. The result is almost snow-white "pearls, " scented six times to maximize the floral enhancement and yielding an intense fragrance with an ultra-smooth mouth-feel. For best results, we suggest brewing this year's Zen Jasmine Snow White Pearls at 85C/185F to 90C/194F. As always, adjust the quantity of leaves and the water temperature according to your personal preference.

PREPARATION: To prepare Zen Jasmine Snow White Pearls we recommend a traditional covered steeping cup (gaiwan) , although a regular teapot is also serviceable. Place approximately one teaspoon of leaf per person in a prewarmed vessel and infuse in 85C/185F to 90C/194F water for 2-3 minutes. Zen Jasmine Snow White Pearls may be resteeped several times by gradually increasing the infusion time and water temperature.