Sell Jatropha Saplings

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Jatropha Curcas is a multipurpose drought resistant plant and belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. In English it is commonly known as purging nut or physic nut. Its growth is rapid and survives well in arid and semi arid tropics. It grows well in marginal/poor soil as well. It bears fruits for about 50 years and the seeds contain 35% to 40% oil and oil extraction can be 90-92%, which is more than other tree borne oil seeds. Jatropha plant is not eaten by animals or birds and does not require much fertilizer input. Raw Curcas oil can be mixed with diesel up to 20% and esterified oil is 100% diesel substitute which is cost-effective, renewable and environmentally safe. With volatility in the price of crude, the use of Bio Diesel is economically feasible as well.

Specifications of Jatropha Saplings / Seedlings
 Grown from Superior Quality seeds.
 Age: More than 2 months.