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Jaw crusher operating environment:
When in the process of the great broken stones broke into small stones, the first crusher is often
referred to as "master" crusher, the longest history and most solid crusher is jaw crusher. when feed to jaw
crusher, materials from the top of the entrance into the broken room with tooth broken, the tooth broken
tremendous force the material to the top of the wall, it will be broken into smaller stones. supporting the tooth
movement is an eccentric shaft. this axis runs through the fuselage frame. eccentric movement is usually
arised by fixed at both ends of the flywheel axis. flywheel and eccentric support bearing is often using
spherical roller bearings. bearing working environment is extremely harsh. Bearings must support enormous
impact load, abrasive water and high temperature. though the working environment is extremely harsh, the
jaw crusher still need to work very reliably, this is a key element to ensure the productivity .

Jaw crusher Working Principle::
Jaw crushers main structure is rack, eccentric shaft, the pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side shield,
elbow board, elbow, the rear plate, transfer gap screw, spring reset, fixed plate and the activities of jaw
board. and bracket also play a role in insurance.
This jaw crushers broken type is Qu dynamic squeeze-type. the machines leather belt and wheel are
driven by the electric motor, then the movable jaw begins to move up and down by the eccentric shaft. when the
movable jaw move from bottom to top , the angle between fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes bigger, then
promote the active board close to the fixed board. at the same time materials are extruded, molded, multi-roller
crushed etc. when the movable jaw move from top to bottom , the angle between fixed jaw and movable jaw
becomes smaller, under the function of drag rod and spring the movable jaw plate deviates from the fixed jaw
plate. at this moment the crushed materials are discharged from the bottom outlet of the crushing cavity. with
the continuous rotation motor , the crusher is crushing and nesting cyclically, and it an achieve mass
Jaw crusher Performance characteristics:
1. Broken deep cavity, there is no dead zone, increased the feed capacity and output.
2. Broken ratio large , uniform particle size products.
3. Gasket-style nesting population adjustment device, convenient and reliable,
large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment.
4. Lubrication system is safe and reliable, convenient replacement of parts,
small maintenance workload.
5. Simple structure, working reliable, low operating costs.
6. energy saving equipment, single machine can save energy 15% -30%,
system can save energy more than double.
7. large adjustment range of the nesting, it can meet different users requirements.
8. Low noise and less dust.
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