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Marsman Primary Jaw Crushers are ideally suited for crushing of hard granite stone, black trap rock, river gravel, lime stone coal, iron etc. at primary stage with maximum output capacity.

Body : The body is made from tested M. S. Plates. It is fabricated with horizontal and vertical ribs for strengths and sturdiness, the body is annealed & stress relieved by heat treatment process to reduce the chance of the body getting cracked.

Swinging Lever : The swinging lever (pitman) is fabricated out of M. S. Plates with high tensile strength and it is annealed by heat treatment process and then it is precision machined for smooth crushing stroke.

Toggle Plates & toggle Bearings : For equal balance and load distribution the crank shaft is centrally fitted on cast steel toggle bearings. The cast steel toggle bearings withstand excessive wear and tear and convey correct crushing stroke.

Jaw plates & side plates : The Jaw plates are made of high tensile manganese steel. One jaw is fixed and the other Jaw is fitted on swinging lever. The side plates are of close fitting type which prevent any wear to the body , which is made out of high grade manganese steel.

Crank shaft & Bearing : The crank shaft is made of forged steel and fitted in heavy duty spherical double roller bearings which ensures smooth operation. The bearings are fitted on both sides of the crank shaft and two in swinging lever, which are well sealed against possible entry of dust and moisture by labyrinth seals. For lubrication grease nipples are fitted at appropriate places.

Fly Wheels : Heavy duty cast iron flywheels are fitted on both the ends of crank shaft. These flywheels are machined all over, counter weight fitted and balanced to ensure steady crushing force.

Warranty : MARSMAN Jaw crushers are warranted for ONE YEAR against manufacturing defects. However, the warranty does not cover breakdowns under normal wear & tear or due to misuse made by operator.
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