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Jelly Camera
Size:12*18.5*4cm(35mm Real Camera)
In this multiplicate life , camera enters into our life gradually . Family travelling, holiday banquet, graduation commemoration. . . the camera becomes ubiquity , as a essential memento tool. At the same time, camera changs from the simple and sole semblance, to multiplex and fashion direction. Our company's jelly camera can conform your requirment.

The jelly camera has a new tide and fashion appearance. Compared with the traditional camera, it has a great innovation in the contour and functions. The fuselage of it is mainly made of jelly, for that the camera isn't only appeared fashion but also feel comfort and soft. The most major characteristic of this kind of structure lies in the fuselage which is not easy to damage but wearable. Because jelly material owns special characteristic of softness and elastic , play the certain protection and the cushioning effecton role on the camera interior metal and the plastic component . Besides, it did not like some metal materials that the outer cover is easy to scrape. The camera interior uses the plastic fitting, simple but precise, has a long service life.

Its function mainly has: it can automatic films, automatic identification of film, automatic exposure, automatic counting, automatic flash, anti-red eye, and other functions. In addition to handle the film and the flash botton, other functions can be completed automatically. The procedure is automatic electronic exposure of the camera section. All these regular or special effects will be completed automatically by itself, no extra processing is required. This camera is unique in its ability to take multiple exposure while being easy to use.

The camera is fine and exquisite, which can be carried conveniently. And it is suit for inside and outside use. The camera luster brigh and have many colors, so can fulfill your requirment of color. Additon to it, we have extremely reasonable price, so welcome merchants come to order.
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