Jiangsu Overseas Group Material & Technology Co., Ltd

Since 1995, Jiangsu Overseas Group Material & Technology Co. , Ltd (JOCMT) has been engaged in the business of chemical and pharmaceutical commodities for the last 10 years. The current business volume is in excess of USD 120 million. JOCMT is working directly with the leading manufacturers both at home and abroad to sell their products in the international market, which helps in offering the most competitive prices, consistent quality, regular supplies and timely shipments. JOCMT has already importing and exporting various kinds of chem. & pharm. products from and to India and other countries and has established good business relationships with many competitive customers. With its decisive and sharp sourcing edge and market influence, JOCMT is looking forward to working closely with the chem. & pharm manufacturers on a long-term basis to market and promote their products.
Simon Zhang
[86] 025 84693878
Room 4-1602 Wensiyuan,
362 Baixia Road,
Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210001, China
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Wang Yuanjian
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