Sell Jieeda Parking lot entrance machine

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1. Design like the toy block module, system maintenance conveniently, LED display, three language voice, make the customer feeling gentleness and comfortable.
2. Working pressure: 220V115%
3. Output pressure:+12V, +24V
4. Environment temperature: - 25 centigrade to 60 centigrade
5. Comparatively humidity: less than 95%
6. Communication Port: TCP/IP
7. Blacklist Capability: none
8. Offline Memory Capability: 300,000 <enlargeable>
9. Data Transmission Speed : 100/10M
10. Function characteristic:
a. Inset main control design, , small cubage
b. Can lodge more than 300,000 entrance and exit parking record
c. Full parking display, give the best advice for the client
d. Automatic monitor manage the parking more sureness
e. High system integration pitch
f. Automatic sending message function by GSM message function by GSM
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Available Colors
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
10 units
Power Requirements