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We are delighted to introduce you to our elegant Puzzle Lampshades.
Puzzle Lampshades can be constructed into a variety of stylish geometric shapes
and sizes by interlocking the identical quadrilateral pieces together.

Puzzle Lampshades is fabulous for occasions like weddings and parties as it creates
an unique and beautiful ambience in any room or space. Puzzle Lampshades will definitely
make a wonderful Christmas / Birthday / New Home-Owner present and is also
suitable for anyone who is up to a mind / IQ challenge as it works in a very similar
way as solving a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of using Puzzle Lampshades just as room / ceiling lightings,
it could also be used as floor lamps.

size :S
Height: 9 CM
Wide: 5.5 CM
Price 6 EURO (discount 20-50 %)

size :M
Height: 13 CM
Wide: 8 CM
Price 7 EURO (discount 20-50 %)

size :L
Height: 17 CM
Wide: 10 CM
Price 8 EURO (discount 20-50 %)

size :XL
Height: 21 CM
Wide: 13 CM
Price 10 EURO (discount 20-50 %)

size :XXL
Height: 26 CM
Wide: 14 CM
Price 22 EURO (discount 20-50 %)

Puzzle Lampshades is sold in a packet of 30-piece kit (30 pieces of white quadrilateral polypropylene
plastic shades)
we have decided to send the electronic copy of instruction manual via email instead of hard copy distribution via post.
You also won't have to worry losing the manual because you could always print a new manual!!
How convenient!! However, should you require a copy of the manual
let us know and we are more than happy to include it in the kit.
The detailed manual will show you the quick and easy way to self-assemble all and your desired lampshades designs,
depending on individual likings and suitability. There are approximately 22 different designs including those
from 9-piece up to 120-piece designs!
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Thai Handicraft Decor
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