Jilin Huiyuan Company

Jilin Huiyuan Company Jilin Huiyuan Company
We are as processing of pumice stone and other goods from pumice. It is used to wash denims and our firm is founded in jilin City which have major pumice reserves in China. Our pumice stone has more quality according to the other regions pumice.

At a few year ago as a one of mainstay export product, this Pumice stone made a good income to China. We have pumice quarry on Lombok Island supporting to continuous supply and good quality of pumice stone at competitive prices.

We quality and competitive prices are the most important for the shipment Pumice Stone and a found to contact person name who will be coordinating shipment your shipping company for the containers accepted at to be advise by email or facsimile as bellow, necessities values for our regional country which cover Australia, Hong Kong, Huang Fu, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, India, Srilanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and EUROPE

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liu xiaoguang
[86] 0432 2068503
jilin, Jilin, 132001, China
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