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Our joint Sealant, is one component sealant based on Neoprene. It fully conform to Q/WHH02-2000 and ASTM C834-76 standard. It provides excellent adhesion to metal, glass, steel, aluminum, lumber, rubber and plastic, porcelain and ceramics, forming a durable, flexible, elastic, waterproof seal on the surface. Especially suitable for the seal of automobile welded joint, bamboo floor, aluminum alloy and locomotive gear cover oil leak. Widely apply to automobile manufacture and maintenance, machinery, shipbuilding, construction and so on.

1, Moisture, oil and water resistant. Non-toxic and odor, non-corrosive, non-sag and shrink, non-crack.
2, Excellent flexibility, tensile strength, vibration damping qualities, and permanent elasticity. Therefore, matches the applications that require strength and speed.
3, Mildew-resistant and high-temperature resistant, especially meets the high humidity and high temperature application conditions.
4, Low cost and high quality.

Used to seal and mend any joints of automobile, cabin, and shipping container
Used to seal the joint of automobile chassis and carriage welded gap to prevent from rusting, and also for waterproof and shock damper usage.

White, red, black, gray, clear

4kg & 1kg straight-sided metal pails
250gr & 200gr fiber cartridges
120gr & 100gr & 50gr & 30gr metal tubes
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