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INTERKONTINENTALTRADE produces a wide range of citrus bases, concentrates, comminuted juices, essential oils, and other customized products manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the countries of destination. INTERKONTINENTALTRADE processes a range of orange varieties, including Sweetie, Zipper, and Easy Peel, as well as red and white grapefruit. The fully ripe citrus fruit is processed by modern FMC in line juice extractors. The pulp is drum packed while the juice is filtered and either packaged directly or undergoes rapid action evaporation. The resulting concentrate is deep frozen, aseptically packaged, or preserved, according to customer requirements. Peeled Tomatoes in Fresh Tomato Juice: Produced from fresh, ripe firm red tomatoes that are steam peeled. Next the tomatoes are sorted, mixed with other ingredients, pasteurized, and packaged. The final product adds great tomato taste to soups and many other hot and cold dishes. Peeled and Diced Tomatoes: Produced from fresh, ripe, firm red tomatoes that are steam peeled and then chopped into cubes according to customer specification. Next the tomatoes are mixed with other ingredients, pasteurized. and packaged. The final product adds a rich chunky texture to many dishes, including pot roasts, fish and hearty stews. Grated Tomatoes: Unique and innovative product that was developed by INTERKONTINENTALTRADE to retain as much as possible of the taste and texture of ripe fresh tomatoes. The final product is perfect for baked and fried dough dishes like Middle Eastern breads or Tacos. More Products: Tomato Paste Ketchup Tomato Juice Citrus Fruit Concentrates Orange juice concentrates Grapefruit juice concentrates Easy-peel citrus juice concentrates Soft-drink base concentrates Special Blends Custom made cocktails, comprised of fruits such as: mango, pineapple, orange, banana, grapefruit, guava, apple, apricot, passionfruit and lemon, combined according to customer's request Special Products / Fruit Juices Comminuted fruits - orange or grapefruit comminute-forms 2x I , 3x I , 4x I , packed either aseptically or preserved in containers Cloudy extracts - orange and grapefruit Cells - orange and grapefruit: washed, unwashed, whole or ground Essential oils - pure peel oil of orange, grapefruit, sweetie and other easy-peel fruits Clarified products - citrus and tropical juices Clarified products - citrus and tropical Pure natural orange, grapefruit and tomato juices Packaging: Industrial - frozen or aseptic in drums