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This set of fresh fruit and vegetable machining equipment ( such as strawberry, raspberry, mulberry, cherry, grape and fructus) , it solves hippophae being hard to transport, to preserve as well as unable to be processed in the original producing area. Therefore, this set of equipment is the real NFC fresh juice plants. This set of equipment is not only an innovation in the field of fruit and vegetable machining but also a benefit contributor to society and ecology. The design features are as follows:
1. Complete in function of handle system: The complete set of equipent includes fruit box, cleaning, transportation, extraction, sorting, enzyme inactivation, pasteurized, UHT super high temperature instantaneous sterilization, electron measurement, asepsis filling and electric control device and special boiler as well as manual hydraulic pressure forklift of 1.5ton, It realizes the requirement of enzyme inactivation, asepsis, and asepsis filling after the fresh fruits and vegetables processing to be the fumet nearby, make the mulberry, strawberry can be processed to juice in producing area. This step can make the value added. The fruit and vegetable of 1ton to 1.5 ton can be processed per hour.

2. Movable and compact in structure: According to the characteristics of field work and can be movable, the entire structure adopts the low land gap multi-hanging structure is adopted for the entire. In the Non-working condition, it is made up of four separate underpans and affiliated devices; for each separate underpan there are running gears, which can be installed in the autocar for long-distance transportation by manual forklift, and quite convenient in draught and movement. In the transferring condition, 8.0W2.2W2.4(m) , in the working condition 9.6W3.6W8(m) , the weight of the structure is 3.8T, the installed capacity is 22KW, the disassembling and assemblage need 2 to 3 hours, the assemblage can be finished within 5.5 hours.

3. Low processing cost in the producing area: As fruits and vegetables are purchased, near the producing area, , the raw fruit juice has good quality and high producing rate of fruit juice (taking the grape as an example, its producing rate of fruit juice reaches 85%) , and the expense of packing, transfer, reservation and long-distance transportation are saved, the loss from damage and rot during the progress of transfer is avoided, all of which greatly decrease production cost and increase market competitive force of the product.

4. Industry chain in positive circulation: As fruits and vegetables are purchased, stored and processed to raw fruit juice near the producing area, raw fruit juice residues can be used as feedstuff, the water after washing the fruit without the acid and alkaline can be used to irrigate the farmland, which are help for the civilized production of juice processing plant.

5. Without antiseptic in the product: As fruits and vegetables are purchased, stored and processed to raw juice near the producing area, , which insure that the completeness and greenness of the material needed for raw fruit juice production, maintain nourishment component, color, fragrance and flavor of the fruit to great extent; as the technology of pasteurized, UHT sterilization and asepsis filling are adopted during the processing progress. The products are green product without any antiseptic, It can be exported to make large profit in foreign currency.

6. Good benefit from multi-purpose machine: According to different requirements of users, this production line can process the fumet of different fruits and vegetables through collocating different pre-processing equipments, For examples, process cherry in April, strawberry and mulberry in May, fresh apricot in June, tomato in July, grape in August, fructus hippophae and Chinese goosebeery in September and October, and other stored acinus and vegetable can be processed in the period of from November to March of the next year. When the production line takes the juice extractor off, it also can meet the requirement of purchasing, asepsis and asepsis filling for fresh milk and goat's milk in a pasturing area and other producing places, and also ensure the color, fragrance, flavor, and nutrition component of them. In brief, the effective working day every year is over 300 days. With good organization and operation, the cost shall be refunded in the current year and a rich profit shall be acquired.
Production technique: Purchasing in producing area ->on-spot extraction-> enzyme inactivation asepsis ->UHT sterilization->electron measurement-> asepsis filling