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Characters Description:
Dark red-brown powder, slightly fragrance of jujube, a little sweet. Particles through the rage of 60 ~ 300 mesh , Total fiber content >=65%(Measured results is above 80%) .

Major effectiveness
To improve the gastrointestinal tract, be helpful for lose weight, prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, coronary heart disease, etc.

Usage and dosage:
1. For the functional food ingredient, to develop high-class health food, recommend to add the volume of 60%~100% ;
2. For Baked goods as industry additives, to develop high-fiber foods, recommend to add the volume of 3%~6% ;
3. Used in the production of yeast as a stabilizer.

Appropriate industry:
Used in direct sales industry to develope new product (lose weight or lipid-lowering category)
2. Used in Baked foods industry (cookies, cakes, bread, etc. )
3. Used in manufacturers of Yeast, Vinegar

1. Selling point advantage: Dietary fiber is known as the seventh nutrients, and we are the unique supplier of jujube dietary fiber all over the world;
2. Raw material advantage: Jujube is the special fruit of Chinese;
3. Technology advantage: National patent technology , fill the International gap;
4. Component advantage: High fiber content, and other indicators comply with
relevant standards.
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