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Junction Box seems simple product but it really requires detailed engineering on the Size front, Cable Entry Calculation, Distance between terminal Blocks to Body / Distance between Terminal Channel to Terminal Channel / Distance between Cable Entry to Terminal Channel, because of Lots & Bunches of Cable get connected & it should not result in over heating & the cables are not get stretched. PUSTRON visualizes the same always & give Dimensions & Spacing both the Important Factor for any type of Junction Box & USER feels for Proper & Sensible Product & SAY YEAH  PUSTRON IS A USER FRIENDLY PRODUCT.

PUSTRON Junction Boxes are available in various types & sizes of enclosures. The material of the enclosures can be FRP, Sheet Steel, Thermoplastic, Cast Aluminium, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Etc. & are designed for IP 55 and 65 Degree of Protection as per requirement. As per the User requirement CANOPY can be provided.

PUSTRON Junction boxes are used for Electrical, Instrumentation, Pneumatic application.
PUSTRON Lighting Junction Boxes are available with various types of Terminals Like Stud Type Of terminals, Busbar types of Terminals, Screwless types of Terminals suitable as per user requirement.

PUSTRON Street Light Junction Boxes directly for Pole Mounting are available with Mounting Clamps if required. Street Light Junction Boxes are provided with Terminals, Control Fuses, MCB etc. , Terminals are provided for looping arrangement as well & are with Canopy from all three sides.

PUSTRON Power Junction Boxes are also available with Aluminum / Copper Busbars used for Termination of Boxes for High Electric Capacity of Electric Motor. In Power Junction Boxes for ease of Termination of cables Busbars are staggered & Bimetalic washers are provided for Dissimilar Metal connection for termination of cables with copper & aluminum Lugs.

Mounting Lugs / Mounting Strips are provided for Mounting Structure / Surface.