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Just Like Dad
Original photography and poetry, professionally matted (8x10) with the choice of an 8x10 wood frame ($19.00) or without the frame ($15.00)

Text to this poem:
Every time I look at him
I see so much of you.
From his head down to his little toes,
every day its something new.
I hear you every time he laughs
hes your shadow, your clone, your twin.
I see you in the expressions he makes
And in every boyish grin.
I watched him just the other day
as he tried to walk around in your shoes.
Unsteady and clumsy, he stumbled and fell
because hes got more growing to do.
He beamed with pride to be wearing them
and I was as proud as could be, I admit,
because hes already trying to fill your shoes,
though he struggled to make them fit.
Just by being yourself, youre his hero
he treasures each memory you create.
And there isnt another man in this world
I would want him to emulate.
The journey that our son takes in this life
will be a series of roads, good and bad.
But my prayer for him is that at journeys end,
he grows up to be just like his dad.
Supply Capacity
5,000 per month w/o frame
Condition of Goods
8x10 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit