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JustEnough. Bass will get you playing the right way, right away. This system provides you with a solid foundation to begin your music career.

The DVD Video introduces the instructors, shows how to get started, how to form a band, what it is like to perform and how to buy your gear. Learn basic guitar techniques and start jamming right away! Play with a real teen band in the interactive multi-camera angle Virtual Jam Session!

The CD-ROM contains your first 50+ bass lessons. Teen instructors will show you correct hand and finger positions, how to play to the 12 bar structure, the major, minor and pentatonic scales, and some great bass lines for Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Rap, Funk, Jazz and Heavy Metal. Included on the CD-ROM are practice tracks and Digital Tools that will get you playing right away. The Digital Tools contained on the CD-ROM are the Bass Tuner, Digital Recorder, Virtual Keyboard, Ear Tuner and the Metronome.

The 52 page AudioBook is your pocket reference guide. Match the tracks on the CD to the pages in the book and follow along. The AudioBook gives you the flexibility to practice anytime, anyplace, just put on your headphones and go.
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