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Raw Jute

Bangla White Bangla Tossa
Bangla White "A" BWA
Bangla White "B" BWB
Bangla White "C" BWC
Bangla White "D" BWD
Bangla White "E" BWE
Bangla White "R" BWR
Bangla White Cutting "A" BWCA
Bangla White Cutting "B" BWCB
Bangla Tossa "A" BTA
Bangla Tossa "B" BTB
Bangla Tossa "C" BTC
Bangla Tossa "D" BTD
Bangla Tossa "E" BTE
Bangla Tossa "R" BTR
Bangla Tossa Cutting "A" BTCA
Bangla Tossa Cutting "B" BTCB

Hessian Cloth
Width : 22 to 80 inch
Weight : 5 to 14 ozs per Sq. yd
Colour : Natural, Semi-brite, Full-brite and Dyed
Packing : 700/2000 yds. per iron bound bale or in roll

Hessian Bag
Sizes : Available as per buyers requirement
Sewing : Herakle and Overhead (safety sewing optional)
Colour : Natural, Semi-brite, Full-brite, bleached and dyed
Branding : Upto three colours
Packing : 500/1000 bags flat/folded in iron bound bale
Standard Bags : Australian Bran Bag, Cotton Pack, Fertilizer Bag, Japanese
Rice Bag, Onion Pocket, Potato Bag, Multicoloured Shopping
Bag etc.

Sacking Cloth
Width : 22 to 30 inches
Weight : 11 to 24 ozs
Weaving : Plain and Twill
Colour : Natural
Packing : 500/100 yds in iron bound bale

Sacking Bag
Sizes : As per requirement
Weight : Standard or light
Sewing : Overhead Dry and Overhead Tar (safety Sewing optional)
Colour : Natural
Branding : Upto three colours
Packing : 200-500 bags flat/folded in iron bound bale

Standard Sacking Bags
Twill Bag : A Twill Bag: 44" x 26.5", 2.62 lbs
B Twill Bag: 44" x 26.5", 2.25 lbs
L Twill Bag: 44"x26.5" , 2.50 lbs
Corn Sack : 41"x23", 1.75-2.15 lbs
Binola Bag : 44" x 2.65", 2.00lbs
Cement Bag : 29"x20", 1.25 lbs
Coffee Bag : 40"x26", 2.00lbs
Grain Sack : 60"x30", 3.25lbs
Sugar Twill : 48"x28", 2.00lbs
Double Warp Bag : Heavycees (40"x28", 2.25lbs)
Lightcees (40"x28", 2.00lbs)
D.W. Flour Bag : 58"x28", 2.25lbs
D.W. Salt Bag : 45"x26.5", 1.75lbs
D.W. Nitrate Bag : 35"x26", 1.25lbs

Carpet Backing Cloth
Secondary Backing : Width: 47"-203"
Weigh : 5.5-90oz per sq yd
Packing : 500-1000 yds per roll

Wall Covering Cloth
Width : 40"-145"
Weight : 8-10.5 oz
Packing : 300-1000 yds per roll

Wool Pack
Qualities : Standard Wool Pack, Australian New Improved Pack, New
Zealand Wool Pack, Mini Woolpack and Coffin Type Wool
Packing : 25-50 packs per bale

Tarpaulin and Canvas Cloth
Width : 36.5 inches
Weight : 14-20 ozs
Porter/Shots : Tarpaulin 10 x 10, Canvas 14x14
Packing : 600-900 per bale

Geo-jute/Soil Saver
Width : 1.22m
Weight : 610 gms per metre
Warp : 6.5 end per 10cm
Weft : 4.5 end per 10 cm
Packing : 600-900 meters per bale

Quality : CB, Hessian & Sacking
PLY : 1-3 ply
Count : 8lb-30lb
Packing : Precision, Mackroll, Hank

Laminated Fabric and Bag
Qualities : Hessian/CBC
Coating : Paper/polythene coated
Packing : 1000 yds per roll/300 -1000 bags per bale
Colour : Natural Bleached & Dyed

Jute Felt
Types : Poly Vinylchloride Coated (PVC), Rubber Coated (RC), Single
Sided (SS) and Double Sided (DS) needle punched jute felts
Width : 54"
Thickness : 1/4" & 3/8"
Packing : 25 yds per roll

Jute Webbing:
Width : 1.5"  3.5"
Weight : 6  24lbs per gross yd (144 yds) depending on width
Design : Plain and Stripe
Packing : 6-12 gross yd per bale

Jute Mat
Width : 3ft
Length : 150ft
Design : Plain and Design
Weight : 2.25-2.250 lbs per yd
Packing : 150 ft roll
Use : both sides

Jute Carpet is made of 100% natural fibres and is free from static electricity, environment pollution, fire retardant, easy to maintain (can be brushed, shampooed or vacuum cleaned), acoustically suitable and aesthetically a thing of beauty. Yet Jute Carpets are incredibly competitive in terms of price compared to the woolen or synthetic alternatives. Branded as the Golden Tigers and Amin, they are manufactured in the factories located in the port City of Chittagong. These have already found their market in the USA, Russian Federation and CIS countries, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Golden Fibre and Amin jute carpets are available in plain and a variety of designs under:

Golden Tiger : Plain Carpet
Size : 6'x50'; 9'x 50'
Pile Height : 10mm +/- 1mm
Pile Density: 126 & 135 per sq inch

Golden Tiger: Design Carpet
Size: 2'x3'; 2'x 4', 3'x5', 4'x6', 4'x6.5', 4'x7', 6'x9', 8'x11', 9'x12', 12'x15'
Runner: 2x'8', 2.5'x12', 3'x12'
Oval: 2'x3', 2'x4', 2'x5'
Round: 4'x6'
Pile Height: 10mm +/- 1mm
Pile Density: 126 & 135 per sq inch

Wilton Type: Plain & Design Carpet
Width; 3ft, length 100 ft in roll
Pile Height: .25 inch (6 mm)
Pile Density: 96 & 112 per sq inch

Prayer Rug/Mini Rug/Wall Hanging Rug
Size: 23"x45"
Pile Height: 10mm +/- 1 mm
Pile Density: 126 & 135 per sq inch

Diversified Products
With the continued pursuit backed by innovative expertise, BJMC came up with a variety of non traditional products as under for their commercial production and marketing

Jute Intermediate Bulk Container (JIBC)
Capable of containing one ton of material and equipped with both manual and mechanized handling controlled filling system

Jute Reinforced Plastic
A composite product of jute and synthetic resins for making cans, furniture, grain silo, water tank, acid tank, dustbin, bath room fittings, gas pipes and corrugated sheets, window pane etc.

Rot Proof Fabric/Bag
Normal Jute fabric and bags with anti rot chemicals/agents to impart extra longevity for use in adverse conditions.

Cable Yarn:
Sepcialised yarn for use as filling materials in cable making.

Dyed CBC
Specification: 48"  90 o/36, 15 x13
Colour: Deep and Light Orange, Firoza, Red, Deep Dark Stain, Blue, Black, Light, Dark Stain, Bleached and Semi Bleached

Scrim Cloth:
Width: 27"-80"
Weight: 5-20oz per sq yd
Packing: 1000-2000 yds per bale

Flexible Tea Bags, Jute (blended) interlining, Nursery Pot, Christmas Bag, String Bag, Side Mat, Table Mat, Soft Luggage, Briefcase, Suitcase, Portfolio Bag, Shopping Bags etc.
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 2oft container
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