Buy Jute Bags (gunny bags)

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Dear Sir,

We are interested in Jute bags suitable for the packing of
coffee (60kg) - commoditie packing wholesale

Here are the specifications:

Jute BAGS - Hessian Bags

dimensions: 98,5 cm x 71,5 cm
weight: aprox. 530~550 grams
volume: 3 containers 40' per month (+/- 150.000 bags)
target price: below US$0,4 per bag CIF
quality: suitable for a 60kg coffee cargo.
port: Santos - Brazil
port: Manaus - Brazil
Special Specification: Vegetable Oil Treated(VOT) Jute Bags - Hydrocarbon-free
Brand Name
Cafi do Brasil
Available Colors
red, green, black
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
CIF Santos