Sell K-01 prostate rehabilitator(Therapeutic Apparatus)

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K-01 prostate rehabilitator前 列 腺 康 复 器
When treated, it doesnt need to be placed into the body.
Operated easily
Safely used without pain and side effect
Easy to carry around, can do the treatment at home.
K-01 prostate gland curing device can diminish inflammation, ease pain , disinfect , improve microcirculation , improve endocrine , promote metabolism , raise human body immunity.
After switch on the power, just placed it on perineum department part or guan yuans point. It can be used in hospital and at home. With steady voltage plug, It may meet various kinds of working environment.
The sixth generation of K-01 prostate gland recovering device use little dose heat-effected non-heated high-frequency wave and periodic magnetic pulse to penetrate into prostate gland body alternately, through the outer membrane of prostate gland, high-frequency energy reach the deep layer of tissue, improve metabolism and raise human body immunity effectively , repair damaged tissue. It has remarkable effect on acute and chronic prostate gland inflammation, the prostate gland hyperplasia, frequent micturition, urgent micturition, lower abdomen perineum pain and obstruction of micturition, sex dysfunction.