Sell K11 3Jaw Self-centring Chuck

K11 3Jaw Self-centring Chuck
K11 series Three-jaw Self-centring chuck is subdivided into three types, K11, K11A, K11C. Type K11 provides two sets of clutches in different directions, which can be used respectively. Type K11A provides ISO3442 standard clutches, and Type K11C provides traditional separate clutches. Soft clutches are to be provided on request, higher centring accuracy can be achieved after being rubbed on the machine, so as to satisfy the need for holding.

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K1180, K11100, K11125, K11130, K11160, K11160A, K11165, K11165A, K11200, K11200A, K11200C, K11240, K11240A, K11240C, K11250, K11250A, K11250C, K11315, K11315A,
K11315C, K11320, K11320A, K11320C, K11325, K11325A, K11325C, K11380, K11380A, K11380C, K11400, K11400A, K11400C, K11500, K11500A, K11630, K11630A, K11800A, K11190
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