Sell K603 Ion Cleanse with far infrared belt

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The latest studies have shown that bamboo charcoal made from 5 year old bamboo from remote mountains, refined through high temperature have a great absorption effect to purify the air or water and adjust humidity. The bamboo charcoal also emits far infrared ray, negative ions, and absorbs electromagnetic waves. The waist belt made of bamboo charcoal can warm your body, relieve muscle aching, increase the cells' activities, and accelerate the blood circulation.

Far Infrared Ray used with the bamboo charcoal waist belt can help with
1 Decreases joint stiffness.
2 Relieves muscle spasms.
3 Increases blood flow.
4 Leads to pain relief.
5 Affects soft tissue injury.
6 Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue.
7 Assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated, edema, and exudes
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