Sell KBA8 Mine Explsion-proof camera

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KBA8 Mine Explsion-proof camera is designed and made according to GB3836-2000, which is used in the explosive gas location, such as gas explosion etc. And the product is also used under coal mine to inspect and control all kinds of area which are need to. The camera adopts transmitter/ receiver, CCD groupware, focus lens or electric zoom lens, and transmits signal by fiber cable.

stainless steel/carbon steel(alloy-plating) ; Explosion-proof type:ExdI; Protection grade: IP65; with lens, camera, transmitter/receiver, power module; anti-erode, dust-proof, water-proof; weight:13Kg; inside dimension:300(L) W75(W) W80(H) mm; outside dimension:430(L) W180(W) W220(H) mm