Sell KC-610 Additive for Acidic Copper Plating

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KC-610 Additive for Acidic Copper Plating

Specific Properties & Application
1. A mirror-bright copper deposit with high leveling ability and ductility can be obtained on steel parts, zinc alloy and plastic parts.
2. High current efficiency and depositing speed.
3. Pinholes are hardly produced on deposit which has low internal stress and good ductility.
4. Strong impurities tolerance, low decomposition, long bath duration.
5. Low-foam technique is available for cathode moving, high recycling as well as strong air agitation.
6. Easily operate and maintain.
7. Wide material sources lead to cost-saving.
Bath Composition & Operating Condition
Cuprous Sulfate 180 ~ 220 g/L
Sulfuric Acid 50 ~ 70 g/L
Bath initiator KC-610C 4 ~ 6 ml/L
Replenishing Agent:
KC-610A 0.5 ~ 1 ml/L
KC-610B 0 ~ 0.2 ml/L
Cl- 40 ~ 80 ml/L
Temp. 15 ~ 300C
Dk 1 ~ 5 A/dm2
Anode(P-Cu plate) 0.1 ~ 0.3%(P)
Cathode moving or air agitation required Consumption of additive (KAH) :
KC-610A 80 ~ 120 ml
KC-610B 100 ~ 150 ml
KC-610C 10 ~ 30 ml

Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10mt per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
14 days
Minimum Order Quantity
25 kgs
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
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