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we could provide kinds of packing:PTFE PACKING(WFPP-550) , GRAPHITE - PTFE PACKING (WFPP-540G) , PTFE FIBER PACKING (WFPP-550F) , PTFE Fiber Packing--soft (WFPP-540S) , Ramie Fiber Packing Impregnated With PTFE(WFPP-012) , GRAPHITE-PTFE FIBER WITH KE- VLAR YARN PACKING (WFPP-350G) , Kevlar Fiber Packing(WFPP-340F) , CARBONIZED FIBER PACKING (WFPP-720) , CARBON fiber PACKING (WFPP-730) , Expanded graphite molded packing(WFPP-790) , EXPANDED GRAPHITE BRAIDED PACKING(WFPP-876) , EXPANDED GRAPHITE Braided PACKING WITH INCONEL WIRE INSERTED(WFPP-8761) , EXPANDED GRAPHITE BRAIDED PACKING WITH LESS WEIGHT LOSS (WFPP-876S) . . . . . . If you are interested in our products, contact us now.