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Kinnow the king of orange
Kinnow are obtaine from the orchards and fruit gardens around sargoha
And bhalwal dristric of punjab which produce the finest quality of
Fresh juicy kinnows renowed for the good taste all over the world.

Grown in Pakistan and demanded all over the world the juicy, soft, scented and refreshing kinnow ( mandarin) is our price fruit export.
Its ease of peeling and juice content is unequalled by any citrus
Fruit anywhere in the world. It is widely used for juices, squashes, jams, jellies and marmalade.

Kinnow season runs from december to april. After harvesting our
Processing line selects quality kinnow. They are washed, waxed and treated with citrashine+fungazil 500ec+tbz. After this treatment kinnow retain fresh upto 50 days.

Kinnows are packed in corrugated paper boxes of the requierd weight and/or number of pieces. The normal packing required by the buyers is 10 KG or 8 KG find wooden boxes or double walled corrugated paper (gatta) packing. We offer 36,42,48,56 pieces in grade 1 and 60,66,72 pieces in grade II per 10 KG box. However, in case of buyer's specfic requirements, greater or lesser number of pieces per box is also

Nutritional composition:

Juice content % 47.50
Vitamin c (mg/100 ml) 31.75
Calcium (mg/100 ml) 40.00
Phosphorous (mg/100 ml) 18.00
Iron (mg/100 ml) 00.40
T. S. S % 10.25
Acidity % 1.58
Ph 3.05
Reducing sugar % 3.75
Non-reducing sugar % 3.65
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