Sell KJFQ-800B Electrostatic Air Cleaner

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Enjoying your healthier and cleaner air with DPC professional and cost effective electronic air cleaning solutions!

Several technical intellectual proprieties

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO14001 Certificate

GBT28001 Certificate

Member of Air Purification Sub-industry Committee, National Committee of High-tech Health Industry, China

With advanced electrostatic techniques of high and constant voltage and constant current, newly released KJF series compound electronic air cleaners developed and manufactured by DPC not only meet China National Indoor Air Quality Standard GB/T18883-2002 and China National Indoor Air Sanitation Standard of Total Bacterium GB/T17093-199, but also enjoy international technology of same kinds.
Main Features

Effectively removing more than 99% particles with a diameter >0.3um, killing more than 99% airborne bacteria and virus with electronic dust collector

Effectively filtering more than 90% ordors and irritants, decomposing more than 90% Chemical contaminants with cold catalyzer or/and activated carbon filter (optional)

Reliable and high quality with PWM high-frequency switching technology and various protections.

Low operating cost due to reuse of prefilter and dust collector

Small wind resistant and large precipitation volume

No harm to environment

Models available for different mount/installation applications