Sell KL-009(I) Pocket-size PH meter

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KL-009(I) Pocket-size PH meter

With special compound pH electrode as probe and three digits liquid crystal display, is easy for operating. It is praised in home and aboard for its cheap price and portability. It is also called pocket pH meter or precision pH reagent paper. This product has been exported in batches.
Technical Specification:
Model KL-009(I) KL-009(I) A KL-009(I) B
Measuring range 0.0~14.0pH
Accuracy 10.2PH
10.1PH(at 200) 10.1PH 10.2PH
10.1PH(at 200)
Resolution 0.1PH
Operating Temperature 00~500
Temperature Compensation 0~500
Plug Fixed Electrode BNC
Power Supply 3W1.5V(AG13) 4W1.5V(AG13) 4W1.5V(AG13)
Dimensions 150W29W20(mm3)
Weight 51g 70g
* Low cost
* Easy to carry
* easy operation
* Reliable and stable
This pH meter can replace precision pH reagent paper to determine pH value of various solutions conveniently at any time. It is applicable to determine pH value of water solution in various professions
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