Sell KL-009(II) High Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter

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KL-009(II) High Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter
Model KL-009 (II) pen-type pH meter uses combined pH electrode of high sensitivity, fast response, and good repetition as probe. With 31/2 liquid crystal digits display, the meter is reliable, stable, portable, and convenient to operate, especially for field measuring. It is praised by home and aboard. This product has been exported in batches.
Technical Specification:
Model KL-009(II) KL-009(II) A
Measuring range 0.00~14.00PH
Accuracy 10.1PH
Resolution 0.01PH


Automatic Temperature Compensation 00~500
Plug Fixed Electrode BNC
Power Supply 4W1.5V(AG13)
Dimensions 170W36W23(mm3)
Weight 85g 105g

* Compact construction
* Easy operation
* On-the-spot measurement
* Instead of precision pH reagent paper
* Easy to carry

It is applicable to determine pH value of water solution in departments of medical treatment, environment protection, scientific research, college and mechanical plant etc.