KL-ASEQ912X/915X/1210X SEQUIN DEVICE You May Also Be Interested In: flat embroidery machine head embroidery machine sequin sequin device
Quantity of Head:18
Memory:1 million stitches
Motor:Panasonic servo motor
Computer:28 type 5 color LCD
Whether automatic trimmer:YES
Whether quiet in high speed:YES(3-plase drive step by step)

Optional attribute:
Space between heads:(275mm-1000mm)
Embroidery range:(450mm-1200mm)
Rotate speed:Maximum 850RPM
Power:one phase 220v (other one phase 110v,3-phase 380v)

Color of machine:cream-colored
Whether under-thread alarm:YES
Whether emergency on-off:YES

Main function of sequin device
1) Speed: It can reach highest embroidery machinespeed, usually to put on the flat embroidery machine
(like 12,15 heads etc. ) , for the single head embroidery machine, it can reach 1000RPM.

2) Technology: Compared with other sequin device, it doesnt use stepping motor to push the sequin,
so it can ensure that working on high speed and long life.
we use newest technology, to invent the push equipment and press equipment,
and apply the patent in Korea and China, Patent number China: 220510050236.7 200510050235.2
Korea: 2005-0013305

3) Mending function: When the thread broken or the sequin doesnt out, machine will stop automatic, and you can mending the design same as embroidery machine for operating.
Also no any fish shape come out, even on high speed embroider, no missing appear.

4) Head interval: Sequin device is very small and legerity, it can assemble on any nearest head interval.

5) Excellence: We invent our own control system, it can fit on any kinds of embroidery machine,
dont need to change main board, and also have mending function, even the Tajima old model
EF or FG, SWF, ZSK, ROTHER, HAPPY, also including all model of DaHao computers.