Sell KL-ASH906X/904X/902X Embroidery Machine

KL-ASH906X/904X/902X Embroidery Machine
KL-ASH906X 400X680(MM)
Quantity of Head:6
Memory:1 million stitches
Motor:Panasonic servo motor
Computer:28 type 5color LCD
Whether automatic trimmer:YES
Whether quiet in high speed:YES(3-plase drive step by step)
Optional attribute:
Space between heads:(275mm-1000mm)
Embroidery range:(450mm-1200mm)
Rotate speed:Maximum 850RPM
Power:one phase 220v (other one phase 110v,3-phase 380v)
Color of machine:cream-colored(white, grey white, metal color and milk white are optional)
Whether under-thread alarm:YES
Whether emergency on-off:NO