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the advance of the Laser Therapy Instrusment :
1. Pass ISO9001:2000 International Quality Certificate.
2. Pass ISO13485 Medical Instrument Quality System Certificate.
3. The most advanced super pulse technology in the world.
4. The real super-pulse output mode, extremely small damage to the tissues, light carbonation, nice skin healing. All these make a great improvement to the clinical application and the application in cosmetic surgery and dermatology.
5. The most advance longer light conducting system technology at present, which can make the operation more flexible and convenient.
6. We export the product to many countries in batches.

Main Technical Parameter:
A) Laser wavelength: 10.65m
B) Laser unit: TM00 module CO2 unit (Best quality for the facula)
C) Output power: Super pulse output 0.3-15W, peak value 450W
Continuous output 0.5-25W
D) Laser output mode: Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse, Super pulse
E) Conducting system: Seven joints longer articulated arm (the most advanced conducting light system in the world and the only one in China) . It could be operated in the scope of R1.7m which makes the operation more flexible.
F) Therapy handpiece: Multiple function handpiece and two kinds of focus lens for f=100, f=50
G) Operation mode: Controlled by a touchable screen and with the engineer interface and the doctor interface.
H) Min. spot diameter<=0.2mm
J) Pulse widthThe minimum pulse width is 0.1ms
K) Power Supply: AC220V 110%/50Hz 5A
Application Scope
It could be used to incise, cauterize, solidify and radiate for tissue of human body. And it is also widely used in Plastic department, Dermatology, Surgery, Gynecology, ENT, Nonnasality department.
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