Sell KL5LM (A) LED Miners Head Lamp

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1. Compact and light
2. Safety, environment protection, energy saving, high efficiency, no memory, maintenance free and longevity.
3. Multi-protection including anti-overcharging, anti-over discharging, current limitation, short circuit protection and anti-overheating.
4. Suitable for various kinds of chargers, because inside the pile there is a charging protection device.
5. Shock proof, moisture proof, impact proof and good looking.
Item Technical specifications
Rated capacity 5Ah
Rated voltage 3.7V
Time of lighting minimum 20h
Luminance(1m apart fromthe lamp)
When lighting begins minimum 1800Lx
After lighting for 11hour minimum 1300Lx
LED main light source
Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated current maximum 0.35A
Luminous flux minimum 30Lm
Length of life minimum 50000h
LED subsidiary light source 0.4W
Life of battery minimum 800 cycles
Type f explosion protection Exs I
Classification of waterproof IP65
Outline dimension 105*31*120mm
Weight maximum 600g