One Time Sell KLM6 Kingnostics Card

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"Kingnostics" means "King Diagnostics"- the King of Diagnostics Cards, the

most accurate diagnostics cards.

Qualities and Features:

1. No need of software.

2. Thoroughly eliminated "initial code".

3. The small LED display will show no when the CPU stops running suddunly

when it's power on or running (such as system got halted when playing

games, viewing the web pages or typing) .

4. Unprecedented compatibility. SIS671 series, kind of advanced motherboards,

are not compatible with old version PC Diagnostics cards (2-bit or even 4-bit) ,

however, our "New Generation Diagnostics Cards", "Kingnostics Cards" and

"Diagnostics & Stability-Test cards" are compatible with them as well.

5. Easy to operate. Manuals in more than 6 languages(only English version is

available now, versions in other languages to be continued) .

6. Never stop when the code goes to "26".

7. The first thing needs to be done is to confirm whether the cpu is working

while repair a computer. For our cards you do not need to look at the power

light, when the small LED display shows "no", it means the CPU doesn't work,

and that will make it much more easier to do repair.

8. "Kingnostics Cards" are the most advanced diagnositcs cards, they can solve

all problems like wrong codes, redundant codes and omitted codes, which

traditional diagnostics cards(including "New Generation Diagnostics Cards)

can not solve. Kingnostics Cards" can be used as tools in production of

computer diagnosics cards.

9. Adopt large-scale IC which has compact structure-stable and reliable.

10. Support ports, 80h, 84h, and 300h port.