Sell KOMATSU C2S1000 Warm / Hot - Precision Transfer Forging Press Line

KOMATSU C2S1000 Warm / Hot - Precision Transfer Forging Press Line You May Also Be Interested In: forging press hot transfer precision forging transfer press valve lifter
New in 1978
- Machine has been used sporadically  excellent condition

Max rated tonnage: 1.000 tons
Ram stroke: 1.000. mm
Shut height: 1.700 mm
Ram adjustment: 100 mm
Ram strokes per minute: 20 spm
Distance between uprights: 2.600 mm
Bolster dimensions: 1.900 x 1.130 mm
Ram face dimensions: 2.200 x 1.120 mm
Lower (bed) knockout stroke: 229 mm
Main engine power: 250 kw

This is a High Precision Transfer type Forging Press that is currently set to produce parts as Valve Lifter / Sleeve / Flange / Nut / Bolt (max dimension: diameter 100mm, long 300mm) incorporating the use of an induction heater. It has a Top-Drive system, two (2) points, is crankless and is equipped with a front-to-back moving die-set.
It is equipped with an induction heating system and an automated slug feed system. After the slug is placed in the first die, a fully automatic transfer device moves the part from station to station (four forming stations + calibrating) .

* Machine includes Vibrator billet Feeder to inductor heater, Inductor Heater (two sets) for Hot and Warm forging and Dust Extractor.