Sell KP6100 GSM Fixed Wireless Phone

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GSM fixed wireless service is the ultimate product for mobile operators that want the advantages of a fixed telephone line service.
It possesses a wide coverage of mobile communication network convenient installation;
It can be widely deployed into various locations such as fairs, ranches or remote communities where telephone lines are unavailable or very limited.
The installation is easy and quick, and can be set up to use within mobile network.
It offers an effective method of extending market share for mobile operators.

GSM900/1800/1900MHz triple mode adaptation.
Support GPRS data services
LCD display with status indicator
Easy to activate and installs in seconds; just plug into any AC outlet
Last number redial
Two speed dial shortcut key
Standard dial tone/busy tone
Indicant call duration
Adjustable Ring Volume
Configurable IP prefix
Local area code filter
10 dialled/received call browsing (respectively)
A choice of AC power supply or battery

Frequency Bands Tri band GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900
Transmit Power
Class 4(2W) for GSM900
Class 4(2W) for GSM1800
GPRS Connectivity
GPRS muli-slot class 8
GPRS mobile station class B
Current Consumption
Depending on operating mode
 TALK mode (peak) at EGSM 900/1800:2A
 TALK mode at EGSM 900/1800: 300mA / 270mA
 IDLE mode at EGSM 900/1800: 8mA / 8mA
DATA GPRS mode at EGSM 900, multi-slot class 8,
PL5: ca.360mA
 SLEEP mode: 1mA
 Power Down mode: 505A
Speech Codec
Triple rate codec:
 Full Rate(ETS 06.10)
 Enhanced Full Rate (ETS 06.50 / 06.60 / 06.80)
Transmission ratas: 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4kbps,
GPRS: max.85.6kbps(downlink)
Coding scheme: CS 1,2,3,4
GPRS Connectivity
GPRS muli-slot class
GPRS mobile station class B
RS232 (CMOS level) bi-directional bus for commands / data using AT Commands
Supported SIM Cards 3V
Power: 100VAC to 240 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Battery 3WAA Ni-MH 1000mAH
Standby time: up to 20 hours
Talk time: up to 120 minutes
External Antenna Connected via 50 Ohm antenna connector
Temperature Range Normal operation: -100C to +550C