KTSJ-150 DIGITAL CONTROLLING DIAMOND CHAIN SAW You May Also Be Interested In: chain saw diamond bead diamond chain diamond chain saw flywheels
Adopting four-shaft digital controlling system, the flywheels on both sides of the pillar are controlled by pneumatic system to make diamond bead-chain intensive and move in a rotary way. And the well reliable digital controlling system propels trolleys forth and back, crutch up and down, also guide wheel rotating, becoming automatic processing cutting. So, its an ideal equipment for processing and trimming natural granite, marble blocks and irregular-shape stones.

Technology parameter
Linear Velocity of Diamond Bead-chain 28m/s
Length of Diamond Bead-chain 15.3m
Max Processing Size(LWBWH) 2500 X 2400 X 1400mm
Working Air Pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Power of Main Motor 7.5kw
Main machine(LWBWH) 6600 X 5000 X 4000mm
Working Table (LWH) 2000 X 1300mm
Electricity Controller(LWBWH) 610 X 600 X 1800mm
Gross Weight 7500kg