Sell KTY1-350M Grinding and Cutting Machine

KTY1-350M Grinding and Cutting Machine
This machine is mainly used for marble and granites cutting, edge grinding, edge chamfering, and holes drilling. For it is one-piece structure, it is small size and has kinds of advantages, such as convenient to transport and install, easy to operate.

Blade Diameter 350mm~400mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter 150mm~250mm
Drill Bit Diameter 10mm~150mm
Max Cutting Size 3200*1980mm
Max Lift Travel of the Blade 250mm
Power of Main Motor 11kw
Cutting Thickness 0~80mm
Rotation of the Blade 0-900
Rake Angle of the Blade 0-900
Machine Dimension 5600W2950W2250mm
Gross Weight 5000kg