Sell KTY2-350 Whole Bridge Automatic Sawing Machine

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The cutter bit is of 90 degree rotation, and its rake angle is 45 degree. The working table can rotate within the range of 0-360 degree in the horizontal direction, and turnover within the range of 0-85 degree in the vertical direction. It adopts incorporate structure, with the advantages of small size, convenient to install and move, easy to operate etc.

Maximum Diameter of Sawpit #350~#400 mm
Max Processing Length (LWB) 3200W1980 mm
Maximum Obliquity of Worktable 0~850
Rotary of Cutter Shaft 0~900
Rotary Angle of Worktable 0~3600(Random Angle)
Rake Angle of Cutter 0~450
Maximum Lifting Travel of Cutter 250 mm
Cutting Thickness 0~80 mm
Power of Main Motor 11 KW
Machine Dimension(LWBWH) 5600W2950W2250 mm
Gross Weight 4500 kg